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Inorganic Nano layer fire-reta


Inorganic Nano layer fire-reta

Name:Inorganic fire retardant serie Category:[Inorganic Nano layer fire-reta]

Product description

Product feature:

Product introduction:
    TC-AAA is an excellent superfine powder filler inorganic nanometer layer fire-retardant, which has good interfacial compatibility and improving adhesion and interfacial affinity after the process modification. The composite materials which joint with our products will own a good mechanical properties, thermal property and retardant property. It is environment friendly with nothing harmful.
Product application:
    This product can be used as fire retardant synergist, combining with other fire retardants mixed use, such as bromine, phosphate, and to achieve better fire retardant effect, which is suitable for PP, PE, PVC, EVA, PA, PS, PC, EP, PVA, PO and so on in composite materials.
This product is also available as fire retardant used in composite materials, especially used in the polyolefin, the effect is significant.
Fire retardant mechanism:
    The product produces a multi-hole pattern heat resistant material in the combustion process polymer of composite materials. The molten viscosity of the composite material is reduced with the rising of temperature, and make protection layer migrated to the surface once heating. Therefore, it can generate a protective barrier in the surface of composite materials, limiting the oxygen, heat and combustible volatile degradation products to the diffusion in the material, and by promoting the formation of carbonized layer closely to suppress the degradation of polymer materials, prevent quantity of heat to infiltrate inside, so as to prevent further degradation. Therefore, the application of this product can bring lower mass loss rate and better fire-retardant performance.
Main features:
  • Decomposition temperature is between 550°℃ to 580 ℃, LOI is just 0.3%, fine heat resistance, and very good chemical stability. Decomposition temperature
fit the plastics processing, and it have better heat stability, which can improve fire retardant performance, anti-aging performance of the product.
  • The product makes use of the huge surface area and macroscopic quantum tunneling effects of nano particles to absorb the dust and reduce smoke which has an excellent effect. Formed in the course of the carbon layer, not only play a part in fire retardant, but also as heat insulator, greatly slowing the diffusion of volatile decomposition products, thereby greatly reducing the amount of smoke.
  • There is good compatibility and dispensability in the resin. The product has the surface treatment for Nano particles and avoids the phenomenon of powder material in producing reunite when using .At the same time, it is not influenced the properties of filled polymers, but also it has excellent compatibility and dispersity.
  • Combining with other fire retardants, which can embody various features, such as weather resistance , mobility, long validity, cost reduction etc.
Especially, combining with antimony trioxide, it replace more than 70% of antimony trioxide, it can greatly save the cost.
指标 参数
分子量 382.4
密度 (g/cm3) 3.14
莫氏硬度 1.5
外观 白色粉末
分解温度 (℃) 550~580
白度( °) 96.0±3.0
45μm 筛余物 (%) ≤0.0001
水分 (%) ≤0.3
pH 8.5~10.5
粒径 D50 (μm) 0.6~1.0
主含量 (%) ≥85
LOI  550℃  (%) ≤0.3
松装比(g/ml) 0.10±0.05
比表面积(BET) (m2/g) 20~25
吸油量(ml/100g) 50-55
热稳定性 优异
透明性 优异