Name:Non-metallic mineral products Category:[Barite]

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Barite’s main composition is BaSO4, pure barite is white and shiny. It also present gray, light red, light yellow, because of impurities. The Mohs hardness: 3 ~ 3.5 and the proportion: 4.5. Barite has the properties of chemical stability, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, non-magnetic and non-toxicity.
Reference index:
Item Whiteness( °) LOI(%) BaSO4(%) SrO(%) Al2O3(%) SiO2(%)
Parameter 91±3 <0.2 90-98 <2.0 <1.0 <0.5
Remark:Products' fineness may base on client's requirements
Barite is an important non-metallic mineral raw material. It’s widely used in drilling mud weighting agent, lithopone pigment, barium compound, filling industry, anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete etc.
As a filling material, barite is also used in the field of paper-making industry, rubber and plastics industry since it can improve the hardness, insulation and aging resistance of rubber and plastics products.