Name:Non-metallic mineral products Category:[Kaolin(calcined,washed)]

Product description


Product feature:

Kaolin has the properties of high whiteness, soft, easily dispersed in aqueous, goodplasticityand high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties. Cation exchange capacity 、It also has others physical and chemical properties such as good anti-acid soluble, lower cation exchange capacity, better fire resistance. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary raw mineral materials of papermaking, ceramics, chemical, rubber, coating, medicine and national defense etc.。
Our company offers washed kaolin and calcined kaolin:
Reference index:
Item Whiteness( °) Moisture(%) SiO2(%) Al2O3(%) Fe2O3(%) TiO2(%)
Parameter ≥85 4.5-7 47-52 31-35 ≤0.9 0.2823
Remark:product’s' fineness may base on client's requirements
    Washed kaolin can be used in the fields of papermaking , ceramic, rubber and ceramic industries etc. The modified products through deep processing can become the ideal raw material for paper making, rubber, paint and other industrial sectors.
Reference index:
Item Whiteness( °) Moisture(%) LOI(%) SiO2(%) Al2O3(%) Fe2O3(%)
Parameter 91±3 <0.3 ≤0.5 53-55 40-44 <0.27
Remark:products' fineness may base on client's requirement
   In paper coating operation, calcined kaolin can replace titanium dioxide or other higher-costs pigment to reduce production costs, enhance the smoothness, opacity and gloss of paper, improve paper's ink absorption. In the coating industry, calcined kaolin acts as a functional additive, providing excellent coverage properties. It can partly replaces titanium dioxide, not only reducing the cost of paint but also adjusting the gloss, improving the mechanical properties of the film and the anti floating and color uneven of coating pigments. Meanwhile it can widely used in the fields of high-grade paint, ink, plastic, rubber, wire and cable, insulation materials etc.