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Potassium feldspar


Potassium feldspar

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Product description

Potassium feldspar(KAlSi3O8) belongs to monoclinic system, its theoretical composition is SiO2:64 7%, Al2O3:18 4%,K2O:16 9% It has the properties of low melting point and long melting time interval, high melt viscosity etc

Product feature:

Reference index:
Item Moisture(%) LOI(%) SiO2(%) Al2O3(%) K2O(%) Na2O(%) Fe2O3(%)
Para meter <0.4 <0.4 65-75 16-19 >8.0 2.0-5.0 <0.5
Remark:Products' fineness may base on client's requirements
    Potassium feldspar is widely used in the fields of ceramic blank, ceramic glaze, glass, porcelain, abrasive materials and it can be also used in fertilizer and industry and help to make potash.